Law Practice Areas

Fortunately, the legal assistance you need is available. The Law Office of R.W. Cruce has the resources and ability to take on a variety of legal cases, including:

Probate,Trusts & Estates

Probate is a legal process by which a deceased person’s affairs are settled; debts are paid and assets are distributed to heirs or beneficiaries.  Assets subject to probate are those assets owned by the deceased party without a survivorship interest in another party.

Real Estate

Real estate. When most people hear or read the term ‘real estate’ they think of their home. This is understandable since the home is the single largest investment most individuals will make during their lifetime. If the choice of investment was made with time and consideration to both needs and wants, the thought of the home should bring a smile. However, while we take great pleasure in our home, do we take the time to consider the liabilities we expose ourselves to as either a seller or buyer?

Family Law

Prior to the trauma, most people do not know what their rights are. After the trauma sets in, they know even less. Each party needs to consult an attorney to learn what their rights are and what to expect when going through the process and afterwards.

Civil Law

When a problem arises between two or more people, the law provides for a settlement that may result in money damages for the injured party or specific performance.  Types of problems that fall within this category may be a dispute between tenant and landlord, a dispute with a homeowner’s association, or whether someone has failed to fulfill the terms of a contract.  This broad range of issues falls into the category of civil law or civil litigation.


Are you living in fear of that phone call coming during the night that will ruin your evening, or worse, come when you have company and embarrass you half to death?  Do you dread the knock on the door to receive news that your home is being foreclosed or the repo-man is calling to claim your car or furniture?   Bad things can and do happen to good people.  You are not alone.

Cases are often accepted on a contingency fee basis. This allows an individual to obtain competent representation without having to pay attorneys’ fees on an hourly basis.