Civil Law

When a problem arises between two or more people, the law provides for a settlement that may result in money damages for the injured party or specific performance.  Types of problems that fall within this category may be a dispute between tenant and landlord, a dispute with a homeowner’s association, or whether someone has failed to fulfill the terms of a contract.  This broad range of issues falls into the category of civil law or civil litigation.

The objective of civil law is to protect the innocent party and right a wrong.  The law gives the court the power to force a party to honor an agreement or contract (this is known as “specific performance”) or to force someone from acting in a way that is harmful to another.  If another party’s actions have caused financial loss, an award for monetary damages is available.  In many cases, the party doing the harm can be required to pay not only just compensation, but also the costs associated with the recovery.

Civil law and civil litigation is a very broad area.

Areas of civil law addressed by this office are:

  • Landlord tenant issues/evictions
  • Disputes with homeowner associations or neighbors over violation of restrictions
  • Boundary line and possession disputes
  • Quiet title actions
  • Enforcement of contracts
  • Foreclosures
  • Protection from garnishment

In all of our cases, we attempt to reach a resolution satisfactory to all parties without incurring the time and expense of formal litigation.  However, if the other party is not willing to be reasonable and insists on going to court . . . . just say when.